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piercing / пронзительный, пронизывающий, бронебойный
имя прилагательное
piercing, shrill, shrilly, penetrating, sharp, strident
piercing, cutting, icy, searching
piercing, armor-piercing
имя существительное
piercing, perforation
drilling, boring, piercing
диаметр в свету
имя прилагательное
(of eyes or a look) appearing to see through someone; searching.
he stared at me with those piercing eyes
(of a sharp pointed object) go into or through (something).
a splinter had pierced the skin
The trio was having some pleasant talk about the house when suddenly a loud piercing scream filled the house.
One of them had a voice so loud and piercing that you could hear him from one end of the carriage to the other.
No more though, they began to cry for mercy as the school collectively recoiled from the piercing sound that had broken the silence.
It was a split second before the piercing sound broke the air.
However, as I like being in the open, later on I return to the stern, which was the only place to escape the piercing wind.
He dove under again, searching with piercing eyes for the girl, his mind besieged with frenzied thoughts.
You'll know when you're sat opposite a Scorpio; they'll be holding their knife a little too tightly and pinning you with a deep, piercing gaze.
She and the guys turned to go, their peaceful silence only to be interrupted by a loud, piercing scream.
Padlin recognized the kid and a cold flash ran through him, a piercing sense of panic.
They were all treading through ankle-deep snow in the lot, holding their jackets up to their necks against the piercing gale.