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pierce / проколоть, прокалывать, проткнуть
puncture, pierce, impale, prick, spike, pink
(of a sharp pointed object) go into or through (something).
a splinter had pierced the skin
As copious steam clouds and sharp hoots pierce the morning calm, an air of excitement and expectation is palpable among those who have got into the coaches.
I had to pierce another hole in my belt
It's primarily used for exactly the reason you used it: to pierce a hole in leather or, sometimes, wood.
Their die-straight tunnels pierce the most awesome rock barriers nonchalantly.
Just as I hear the cry of my new baby pierce the air Trevor runs into the delivery room.
Transfer to a wire rack and pierce a tiny hole in each gougère using a sharp knife, to release any trapped steam.
Once the skins are removed, pierce a cross shape in the root ends with the tip of a sharp knife - this will keep the shallots whole as they cook.
An arrow struck Lysander's helmet but didn't pierce its metal skin, and he fell unconscious from the blow.
they were seeking to pierce the anti-ballistic-missile defences
Remove from oven and use a skewer or satay stick to pierce the thickest part of the turkey.