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piecrust / корочка пирога
имя существительное
корочка пирога
имя существительное
the baked pastry crust of a pie.
Brush some beaten egg white over piecrust before baking to yield a beautiful glossy finish.
Why, they're two of the finest cooks who ever blancoed a burnt piecrust .
Roll out your favorite piecrust about 1/4 inch thick or less.
There's a lantern procession, carols and much feasting on stargazy pie with pilchard heads poking through the piecrust .
All day long the smell of ginger, various berries, sugar, molasses, piecrust , and the warm yeasty smell of bread permeated the air in the kitchens all over the region.
‘Uh huh,’ Texas said through a mouthful of left-over piecrust .
Fourthly, although I am not one for making the world's best pastry, I'd read about Shuna's easy to make piecrust and concluded that her interesting-sounding method looked like a fun one to try out.
The book doesn't just have recipes; it has the science of piecrusts , fillings, and toppings (meringues, whipped creams) laid out in excruciating detail for those of us who are still struggling to live up to our mothers.
Use as little moisture as possible when making low-fat piecrusts .
Unfold refrigerated piecrusts to make pot pies, Jamaican patties, empanadas and apple turnovers.