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pie-eyed / некрасивый, неосуществимый, пьяный
имя прилагательное
homely, plain, graceless, uncomely, unshapely, pie-eyed
unrealizable, impracticable, irrealizable, visionary, Laputan, pie-eyed
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, pie-eyed
имя прилагательное
very drunk.
After the night of drunken crime and pie-eyed vandalism that ravaged the country on St Patrick's day, plans are afoot to move the date of the festival for next year's celebration.
At the end, he's too pie-eyed to go on, so his professor-host, who loves his poetry but hates him, has to read the drunk's poems in his place.
On the other hand, it is hardly good manners to stumbled pie-eyed into somebody else's house.
Though pie-eyed , she managed to stagger through, but swore she would never again drink before a performance.
There is enough 150-year-old whiskey resting underground where the old river queen sank to get 130,000 people pie-eyed .
But humans are nothing if not ingenious and when they wanted to get pie-eyed they never really needed a tavern.
On an especially pleasant June night, he picked up a quintet of pie-eyed college girls.
Of course, if you're not driving you can drink, and plenty of visitors do, paying their own peculiar homage to the past by getting pie-eyed in every bar that Hemingway ever visited.
So while I'm sat there, pie-eyed at the screen, she told him how a shop assistant in Los Angeles thought she was pregnant, asking ‘when's it due?’
‘Quite pie-eyed ,’ said her sister, who'd been listening in.
Proving themselves worthy of all the attention they're garnering south of the border, this group of lunatics were the ones to finally get the slack-jawed, pie-eyed crowd moving.