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pidgin / пиджин
имя существительное
The peddler approaches the narrator adopting a pidgin English.
There is, however, some disagreement among scholars over the number of languages in sufficient contact to produce a pidgin .
The staff was very friendly - went to a great deal of effort to understand our pidgin Japanese!
Only at a later stage in its development does the pidgin develop productive internal resources for expanding its lexicon.
Monica Ali tells Hasina's part of the story through her letters to her sister in pidgin Bengali, rendered into pidgin English.
Many residents understand and/or speak a pidgin English, which has become a lingua franca in the west-central Pacific.
Some linguists classify the Gullah language, spoken in the North Carolina islands, as a pidgin that is based on West African syntax.
A pidgin adopts the vocabulary of the dominant language in the area, which is then grafted onto a local grammar.
Her ridiculous pidgin English dialogue made her seem like a complete fool.
No matter that Pa's knowledge of Japanese was confined to mostly pidgin from the Occupation a little over a decade earlier.