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piddling / пустячный, мелкий, ничтожный
имя прилагательное
fiddling, trifling, niggling, potty, piddling, frivolous
small, shallow, fine, petty, potty, piddling
insignificant, paltry, little, small, puny, piddling
имя прилагательное
pathetically trivial; trifling.
piddling little questions
Finally, Mattie was amazed when a German Shepherd jumped across his fence and piddled in his front garden. Two minutes later his dog did the same thing.
I'm not talking about the piddling few hundred thousand salary and couple of million pay-off a fat-cat boss gets for destroying a company in record time and sacking all its workers.
They were aristocrats with little interest in piddling estates of 30 hides.
That's why the Government was forced to make tax concessions in the Budget, piddling though they were.
Its images tumble, proliferate and cross-hatch; they are extravagant and loopy and defiantly enormous in their ambition, making everything else look petty and piddling .
Typically, beneficiaries of such class action suits get piddling sums, often nothing more than a discount on their next purchase.
In the higher reaches of the football world the amounts at issue would seem piddling , small change, barely a week's wages for a half - decent player at a senior club.
He then called me to let me know that they had given him a piddling sum, barely worth mentioning.
By today's apocalyptic standards that's piddling .
From June 1, however, a conviction for careless driving, no matter how piddling the offence, will see a driver almost half way to losing his or her licence.
Yes, it may only be a piddling little thing, compared with the potential threat to human rights represented by introduction of ID cards, and the suspension of habeas corpus.