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picture / рисунок, картина, изображение
имя существительное
drawing, pattern, figure, picture, illustration, design
picture, painting, scene, view, piece, canvas
picture, image, icon, representation, depiction, portrayal
portray, picture
представлять себе
imagine, fancy, envision, think, conceive, picture
изображать на картине
имя существительное
a painting or drawing.
draw a picture of a tree
represent (someone or something) in a photograph or picture.
he is pictured with party guests
poor picture quality
It was a really great vision, but it was not the full picture .
Then picture him waiting by the window to greet you every morning as you get to work.
Stuff happens, yes, but the news does not present a full picture of reality.
Although the small size is attractive, the poor picture quality rules it out.
draw a picture of a tree
she had her picture painted
a full picture of the disaster had not yet emerged
In television the picture stays pretty much the same no matter what size screen you are viewing on.
And it seems like the authors got some key leads but not enough to quite present the full picture .