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pictorial / живописный, изобразительный, иллюстрированный
имя прилагательное
picturesque, scenic, pictorial, graphic, figurative, graphical
graphic, pictorial, figurative, descriptive, graphical
illustrated, pictorial
имя прилагательное
of or expressed in pictures; illustrated.
feelings presented in a pictorial form
имя существительное
a newspaper or periodical with pictures as a main feature.
From the start, the old pictorials used a remarkable diversity of images.
The following is a pictorial representation of the typical contents of my lunch bag.
Early pictorial representation, using graphic symbols, reads both horizontally along register lines and vertically in an open field in the picture surface.
She stumbled across these pre-1947 charts with pictorial representations and corresponding captions of ‘India before Independence’.
Twelve illustrations, taken from pictorial representations in the Tracts, help establish the flavour of the period.
Their collection of photographs contains a pictorial history of the hilly district.
For the Chinese, both the ideographic script and pictorial representation functioned as graphic signs that expressed meaning.
The prose is illustrative but not an illustration-its pictorial interest should be sufficient ‘above all in itself’.
The last panel, the pictorial panel, illustrates the specific hazard.
The publishers have also been extremely fastidious in their selection of the book's 325 illustrations, providing a pictorial record spanning over a century and a half.
The solution was illustrated through a rich pictorial representation with icons representing computers, databases, and organizational functions.