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pictograph / пиктограмма
имя существительное
имя существительное
a pictorial symbol for a word or phrase. Pictographs were used as the earliest known form of writing, examples having been discovered in Egypt and Mesopotamia from before 3000 bc.
However, the main reason for the difference between Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Sumerian pictograms came from the difference in the writing materials used by the two ancient civilizations.
It applies the same rules of simplicity and abstractions which the pictograph shows, but it is not based on statistics.
an ancient pictograph of the Great Goddess
A pictograph is used to present statistics in a popular yet less statistical way to those who are not familiar with charts that contain numerical scales.
Create a bar graph, pie chart, or pictograph on a dry-erase board.
So is there any problem with the depiction of statistics in the pictograph ?
However, three-dimensional figurative depictions soon predominated, with painted pictograms representing symbols, mottos, and accomplishments of kings.
In a world now dominated by alphabetic languages, Chinese, based on characters, remains a pictographic tongue.
The thing westerners worry about before getting to Tokyo is that all the signs are pictograms .
The Bronze Age engravings in this region are symbolic pictograms , without any attempt at realism; there is also no indication that they should be evaluated as hieroglyphs or ideographs.
To conjure power, a medieval alchemist would enclose himself in a magic circle filled with geometric pictograms symbolizing inner realities.