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pickup / пикап, звукосниматель, подборщик
имя существительное
pickup, wagon, waggon
pickup, soundbox, adapter
имя существительное
a small truck with an enclosed cab and open back.
Leading her back to the pickup , he opened the passenger door.
an act of collecting a person or goods, especially in a vehicle.
curbside pickup
the reception of signals, especially interference or noise, by electrical apparatus.
I get no discernible hum pickup over that length.
a casual encounter with someone, with a view to having sexual intercourse.
What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?
an improvement in an economic indicator.
signs of a pickup in demand
имя прилагательное
informal and spontaneous.
six players had started a full-court pickup basketball game
Your gym time also transfers over into your other activities, such as pickup basketball, flag football, softball or mountain biking.
Date rapes have occurred at every stage of involvement, ranging from a pickup in a bar to a first date to a steady relationship.
The next vehicle was a pickup with an older man in it.
More broadly, our results show no clear or necessary relationship between a pickup in jobs lost to trade and weakness in the U.S. labor market.
Nevertheless, he disconnected, swam to the survivor, checked him for injuries, and signaled for pickup .
Most dealers offer delivery and pickup of large equipment and, except for very large equipment, do not require an operator's license.
Anyone can wander in and play a pickup game of touch football.
A pickup in the economy, a rise in interest rates to improve fixed income returns, and a recovery in the stock market should make everything better.
Fed officials in recent speeches have said they don't expect a pickup in the economy before next year.
What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?