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pickpocket / карманник, вор-карманник
имя существительное
pickpocket, hustler, jostler, finger, light-fingered
pickpocket, hustler, jostler, dip, diver, cutpurse
имя существительное
a person who steals from other people's pockets.
The beggars in the city also indicate that there are thieves, pickpockets , robbers and the like lurking around.
steal from the pockets of (someone).
she stopped in New Orleans where she skillfully pickpocketed tourists
Everyone is out to pickpocket you, auto drivers cheat, cabs are too costly and anything served by the roadside is a local delicacy that is a must have and cheap.
Like his brother, he was also a thief, pickpocket , mugger, robber, and arsonist, etc, but he didn't like killing people.
If you're just going to offer me a job, then why try to pickpocket me?
The defendant also admitted to breaching a two-year conditional discharge set by Magistrates in August after attempting to pickpocket a 78-year-old in a supermarket.
Many papers had to be filed about the last person who tried to pickpocket him and ended up in the hospital.
He was too clumsy, for one thing - he walked heavily, forever bumping into things, and she could not see him as a pickpocket or a highway robber.
Keeping total eye contact on the small boy (to make sure he would not try to pickpocket him), he bent down to retrieve the apples; carefully putting them back in the basket.
What floor he was born on is still unknown, but for the better part of his sixteen years of life he was a thief, a pickpocket .
One of the biggest dangers to commuters at the time was the constant threat of pickpockets and other petty thieves preying upon unsuspecting victims.
You might get pickpocketed because you wouldn't know young children are more adept at it than older ones.