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pickle / мариновать, солить, засаливать
marinate, pickle, marinade, souse
salt, pickle, souse, powder, salt away, salt down
besmear, salt, pickle, salt down, grease, corn
имя существительное
brine, pickle, souse, leach
marinade, pickles, pickle
pickle, souse
имя существительное
a small cucumber preserved in vinegar, brine, or a similar solution.
In the making of fresh-pack pickles , cucumbers are acidified quickly with vinegar.
a difficult or messy situation.
I am in a pickle
preserve (food or other perishable items) in vinegar, brine, or a similar solution.
chunks of green tomatoes pickled in brine
Sweet cucumber and pepper pickle This is the pickle of my childhood.
The duck was delicious, the tasty aubergine pickle had an interesting bite of heat and the jus was also very good, though the peanut mash was not very peanutty.
The barrel will turn the sweet cucumber into a pickle .
And while colleagues would like to move faster, they also accept he is in a pickle .
Wash your project in clean water after pickle and dry thoroughly before moving on.
I think by backing off just a bit we can still make it hard, but at the same time stop ourselves from getting in a pickle .
The sandwich will invariably be rye bread with cheese lettuce, pickle and red capsicum, or rye bread with ham, lettuce, pickle and red capsicum.
A plate arrived with delicate leaves, sun-dried and cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, sliced olives, sweet pickle and crisps.
Locked out of her house, and nude as can be, the woman found herself in a pickle .
‘In the menu, we've got things like terrine of gammon, with a fried quail's egg and spiced pineapple pickle ,’ he said.