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pickings / объедки, остатки, мелкая пожива
имя существительное
leftovers, leavings, scrap, pickings, castoffs, picking
remains, remainder, tailings, scrap, leavings, pickings
мелкая пожива
picking, pickings
имя существительное
profits or gains that are made effortlessly or dishonestly, as by picking.
thieves found easy pickings from garages and garden sheds
remaining scraps or leftovers.
From there they would get first pickings at the garbage.
thieves found easy pickings in the underprotected bedsits
The use of counterfeit and stolen cards is escalating, with conmen drawn to the rich pickings of out-of-town shopping centres.
thieves found easy pickings from garages and garden sheds
The remaining pickings are slim and getting slimmer.
The rich pickings have brought out hordes of unscrupulous and fraudulent operators.
There must still be rich pickings for all of them.
Attracted by his free market policies and the rich pickings to be made from privatised industries, foreign capital poured into the country.
They were easy pickings for predators, never having been outside before.
I've been out on several mini forays where many large families have obviously harvested there before me and the remaining pickings were thin.
A funds manager said smaller companies were easy pickings .