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picket / пикет, пикетчик, сторожевая застава
имя существительное
picket, piquet, peg
picket, piquet
сторожевая застава
outpost, picket, piquet
picket, piquet
выставлять пикет
picket, piquet
расставлять заставы
picket, piquet
имя существительное
a person or group of people standing outside a place of work or other venue, protesting something or trying to persuade others not to enter during a strike.
Opponents would claim that the sight of placard-wielding pickets outside various religious functions presents the Gospel in a poor light.
a soldier or party of soldiers performing a particular duty.
a picket of soldiers fired a volley over the coffin
a pointed wooden stake driven into the ground, typically to form a fence or palisade or to tether a horse.
a cedar-picket stockade
act as a picket outside (a place of work or other venue).
strikers picketed the newspaper's main building
The versatility of wood picket fencing allows you many architectural styles which are influenced by the surroundings.
White picket fencing, kerbstones around plots and over-elaborate flower beds were also to be stopped in a bid to tidy up cemeteries.
He saw another Indian dismount and pull the picket pin of a horse near the tent, untouched by gunfire then but struck from his horse after he dashed away.
Your fencing can be customized with ornate finials, scrolls, rings, and your choice of three distinctive picket tops and post caps.
‘Be nice,’ the boy opened the white picket gate and they walked to the door.
The best time is about an hour before sunset, when you can exit through a picket gate and head north along the beach.
The company offered negotiations, but only if we lifted the mass picket .
On Saturday, protesters are planning to picket supermarkets in up to 100 towns and cities across the country, urging shoppers not to buy farmed salmon.
There is also a fencing division that produces garden fencing, picket fencing, post and rail and mortise fencing.
18,000 people turned up to picket