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picker / сборщик, гонок, мусорщик
имя существительное
collector, picker, fitter, erector, adjuster
scavenger, dustman, binman, garbage collector, ashman, picker
имя существительное
a person or machine that gathers or collects something.
a tomato picker
An energetic piece, it kept us safely apart while the banjo picker and the fiddler fought for dominance of the melody.
a capable singer, writer, and picker
Besides being a fine banjo picker and showman, he took an unassuming but near academic interest in folk music.
Over an adventurous career he has been a carpenter, welder, Vietnam combat veteran, honky tonk guitar picker , maker of custom Damascus knives and machinist.
a tomato picker
Interviews with the two boys of Wolfstone fame, out-takes and even guitar tunings for budding pickers are included.
In my research I have come across a scattering of three-finger banjo pickers who precede him, and they seem to have connections to the three-finger guitar pickers .