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pickaxe / киркомотыга
имя существительное
pickax, pickaxe, mattock
разрыхлять киркомотыгой
pickaxe, pickax
She also appeared before magistrates for brandishing a pickaxe during an argument with her boyfriend.
Officers found a pickaxe , shovel without a handle and crowbar.
He thought it was a stick or the handle of a pickaxe .
In thinner coal seams miners would have to hack out coal with a pickaxe while lying on their sides.
Only belatedly was it discovered that a drain in a workhouse near the well had been accidentally ruptured by a pickaxe .
One of the most seriously injured was felled by a pickaxe .
A soldier who needed emergency surgery after a pickaxe was lodged in his skull has taken his first steps since the alleged attack.
The pickaxe Stephen used was stamped with the name of the local council for security reasons.
He carries a pickaxe in his left hand and holds a lighted torch aloft in his right.
Then our youngest officer managed to stretch out his arm and use a pickaxe to move the stone the dog was lodged behind.