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pick / выбор, отбор, кирка
имя существительное
choice, selection, option, pick, alternative, adoption
selection, screening, choice, picking, pick, draught
pick, picker, hack, pecker, moil, pike
право выбора
option, pick
hack, pick, mandril, picker, mandrel
choose, select, pick, opt, elect, take
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, compile
select, pick up, pick, gather up, tuck up, assort
select, take away, choose, pick, cull, single out
имя существительное
an act or the right of selecting something from among a group of alternatives.
take your pick from our extensive menu
an act of blocking or screening a defensive player from the ball handler, allowing an open shot.
In the triangle, players don't set picks off the ball.
an instrument for picking.
an ebony hair pick
take hold of and remove (a flower, fruit, or vegetable) from where it is growing.
I went to pick some flowers for Jenny's room
choose (someone or something) from a number of alternatives, typically after careful thought.
maybe I picked the wrong career after all
repeatedly pull at something with one's fingers.
the old woman was picking at the sheet
pluck the strings of (a guitar or banjo).
Velvety vocals, sung with tenderly picked guitars and gently played piano occasionally accompanied by some harsh brass made this record.
Take your pick , but either way it's quite irrational.
Of course, you must match your seat covers to your dash cover, so take your pick from a wide choice of seat covers, which come in a variety of fabrics and colors.
When the harvest is ready, children from the estate will be invited to pick the fruit.
"As soon as they opened the case and charged him, he was their pick and there was no suggestion of letting off."
Meanwhile, if you want to ring the changes with sandwiches you make at home, then take your pick from this delicious recipe selection.
When the co-ordinators at the Miss World Canada pageant called her to tell her she was their pick , she was ecstatic and surprised.
The anchor man's propensity to select the correct pass at all times once more saw him stand out as the pick of City's trialists before his half-time substitution.
The farmers here are happy to teach how the leaves are chosen and how to pick them - if guests promise to put the leaves to their baskets.
As he engages with the merciless classmates who rag him and pick at him every day, he imagines himself in computer graphics in the armour of the warrior.
You even carry a hair pick in the back pocket of your excruciatingly tight black jeans - just in case it gets a little windy.