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piccolo / пикколо, малая флейта
имя существительное
малая флейта
имя существительное
a small flute sounding an octave higher than the ordinary one.
This flute has its own piccolo , usually in E, an alto, and a tenor in B, a tone below the concert flute.
Featuring solo parts for horn, piccolo , and clarinet, this is the one movement in the work that thrives on poignancy and understatement.
The flautist had four different flutes, from a piccolo to a bass flute with a curly bell at the end (lie a sax does…).
He plays the tune on his wooden flute, then a piccolo , and finally on a clarinet.
Alice played a clear note on the flute, picked up the piccolo and tried it.
She played saxophone, trumpet, French horn, flute, piano, piccolo , guitar and probably a number of other instruments that the rest of the group didn't know about it.
Because of his size he used a piccolo (which is a smaller version of the flute) so that his fingers could press all of the keys.
Alicia was honored and put her piccolo in the small compartment in her flute case.
She raised her flute at her eleventh measure of rest, her piccolo on the stand in front of her, and after eight more beats she began playing the music.
Nor is it all normal trumpets: this CD boasts piccolo trumpets, bass trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns, as well as a smattering of percussion.
Two string quartets are utilized, as are a pair of French horns, piccolo , bassoon, basset horn, oboe and instruments usually associated with jazz.