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piccalilli / острые пикули с пряностями
имя существительное
острые пикули с пряностями
имя существительное
a relish of chopped vegetables, mustard, and hot spices.
The menu takes in items as diverse as tiger prawn kebab with piccalilli , wild boar sausages, and duck and pickled cucumber on focaccia.
A pressed slab of ham hock and foie gras were correct enough and their accompanying home-made piccalilli was bravely sour.
I haven't even made my usual jars of piccalilli or sweetcorn relish to have with the Christmas ham.
When I was working in London we started to make our own piccalilli - which is, in fact, very simple to do - and used it in sandwiches.
I enjoyed a very coarse ‘country terrine’ barded with a slice of something as thick as a steak, and served with mild home-made piccalilli .
Serve the lamb in toasted pitta breads with the piccalilli and salad leaves.
Traditionally, all the vegetables in a piccalilli are salted, but I find the flavours are punchy enough, so I skip this stage.
From this month you can buy direct their organic all-year-round storecupboard supplies along with seasonal delights like gooseberry confiture, tomato and basil jelly and summer garden piccalilli .
This was served with some kicking homemade piccalilli .
The quiet guitarist stooped in the gutter to pick up a bag of frozen chicken wings, a pack of custard creams and a small jar of piccalilli .
This sweet piccalilli is delicious with cheese, cold meats and especially pork pies.