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pianoforte / фортепьяно
имя существительное
piano, pianoforte
I no longer ride several times a day, instead I sit and practice my pianoforte and embroider.
She nodded towards the pianoforte , at Adam and Audrey, and smiled at him.
Quickly standing up, Elizabeth moved towards the pianoforte .
The room quieted then, as Cordelia stood and took her place beside the pianoforte , ‘Would anyone care to accompany me on the piano as I sing?’
Won't you be a dear and practice the pianoforte for a bit while I show Lord William the lovely new begonias that the butler planted in his spare time?
There were competition classes for pianoforte , singing, elocution and dancing - tap, character, national and ballet.
The festival includes classes for choirs, vocal solos, duets, groups, pianoforte , strings, woodwind, guitar ensembles, composition, brass and keyboards.
It seems she gardens, embroiders, paints, plays the pianoforte and sings.
Anna smiled and walked over to the pianoforte in the corner of the ballroom.
Lotte stood beside the pianoforte , staring at the carpet.