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pianist / пианист, пианистка
имя существительное
pianist, piano player
имя существительное
a person who plays the piano, especially professionally.
They are both superb musicians and pianists able to infuse music with genuine, deeply felt expression.
A singer, composer and pianist , her music has now spanned over four decades.
At certain times there is live music provided by a pianist or instrumentalist.
The theatre had a pianist who played music according to what was happening on the screen.
Turning around a last corner, she finally had a clear view of the piano and its pianist .
In between he pursued a highly successful musical career as a pianist and composer.
Lessons have enabled her to appreciate the great pianists and the master composers.
Many of our members are collaborative artists, either as pianists or vocalists.
It's much easier to appreciate the virtuosity of the pianists , to be sure.
In general, however, the fantasia became a potpourri of themes from operas compiled by virtuoso pianists as display pieces.
When playing fortissimo, pianists should remember that volume is not a function of weight alone.