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physiotherapy / физиотерапия
имя существительное
physiotherapy, physical therapy
Recovery can be aided by speech therapy, physiotherapy , occupational therapy and counselling.
She said physiotherapy , occupational therapy and rehabilitation could be all be provided at home.
Each day is a regime of exercises and physiotherapy , a routine designed to restore as much normality as possible.
Video games have been used as a form of physiotherapy or occupational therapy in many different groups of people.
A trial might need people, for example, to provide physiotherapy or cognitive behaviour therapy.
Patients in the therapy group underwent a physical examination by physiotherapists , lasting up to one hour.
We thank the physicians, physiotherapists , and nurses at the occupational health care centres in Tampere for their contribution.
The two occupational therapists and three physiotherapists delivering the interventions and the two independent assessors attended a two day training course.
Respiratory physiotherapists and nurses supervised the exercise component, as did health centre based fitness instructors.
A multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists , social workers, and occupational therapists cared for patients.