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physiognomy / физиогномика, физиономия, облик
имя существительное
face, physiognomy, phiz, dial
guise, image, shape, figure, physiognomy, person
имя существительное
a person's facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin.
According to late medieval beliefs that went back to Aristotelian ideas, the exemplary characters of uomini famosi would have expressed themselves in their physiognomies and gestures as much as in their deeds.
They appropriated the symbolic authority, as well as the physiognomy of the architecture.
The end of the Cold War and the eruption of US militarism have vindicated the analysis of imperialism made by Lenin, who characterized its political physiognomy as ‘reaction all along the line.’
The paper focused on physiognomy , which suggests that the ‘beauty’ under discussion is a natural endowment.
Biometrics posits that there are unique, measurable, and permanent physical features, which is why this science - like physiognomy before it - has difficulty with the simple fact that people change.
a world where physiognomy was a respected practice
Trends in cuticular species richness parallel inferred changes in vegetation physiognomy and biomass.
But in the half-century that had passed since Robespierre's Jacobins waged their life and death struggle against feudal reaction, the economic structure and social physiognomy of Europe had changed.
The approach towards these limits gives rise to significant changes in the physiognomy of the capitalist economy.
Scrub with a slightly different physiognomy is present in two areas north of the river.
Thus it's hardly surprising that the distinctive physiognomy of the mountain is integral to the drawn and photographed records of the city, and has provided an ongoing source of inspiration to her poets, artists and writers.