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physicist / физик
имя существительное
physicist, natural philosopher
имя существительное
an expert in or student of physics.
The idea of counting as physicists all students who obtain any degree in physics is a bit of a stretch.
Early last century, a physicist called Wolfgang Pauli invented a particle to help his sums balance.
So fate not only made me a physicist , but it also made me a computer scientist.
But then, being a physicist , Pieranski did something that few mathematicians would think to do.
Even a biologist must trust what a physicist says about quantum mechanics.
The brilliant physicist , Richard Feynman, did poorly in some subjects.
A form of pragmatism, it was expounded by an American physicist , Percy Bridgman.
From then on the twenty-three-year-old physicist could call himself Dr. Stephen Hawking.
In 1934 the Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard filed a patent with the British Patent Office.
For years physicists have wondered how a crumpled sheet can be so extraordinarily rigid.
Unfortunately, a quick straw poll revealed two engineering students, two physicists and a maths graduate.