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physician / врач, доктор, медик
имя существительное
doctor, physician, medic, medical man, medical adviser, hakeem
doctor, physician, doc, medico
physician, medic, medical student, quack
имя существительное
a person qualified to practice medicine.
This will include treatment from specialist physicians , physiotherapists and psychologists.
our family physician
We no longer trust the caring general practitioner, the wise physician , or the conscientious surgeon.
The particular aim of this present symposium was to help illuminate the image of the diocesan priest as "spiritual physician ."
If your child becomes ill, be sure that the physician knows what medicines he or she is taking.
Since health is the goal of the medical craft, the physician knows the goal of the craft.
The Public Hospitals Act states that a physician must order hospital treatments.
Known as the physician of the soul, he used astrology primarily as a means of helping to heal the soul rather than as a tool of prediction.
We measured referral rates as the annual percentage of patients with a new referral to a specialist physician .
In most countries, treatment is provided by some clinics or physicians .
We meet many wise patients in this book, because physicians learn medicine on and from their patients.