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phraseology / фразеология, язык, слог
имя существительное
language, tongue, speech, idiom, accent, phraseology
syllable, style, phraseology
имя существительное
a mode of expression, especially one characteristic of a particular speaker or writer.
legal phraseology
There is no science of cookery possible without a correct phraseology .
So I was strict, marking the Custer manuscript heavily, lacing into its phraseology , conception, and organization.
Sure enough, he is attempting to ‘keep a lid on things’ - part of his staple phraseology .
More often, Carson employs a sort of linguistic camp: a phraseology that is obviously exaggerated or out of place, but which is meant to be relished for that very reason.
Note the cautious phraseology , which implies that these could have nothing more than a placebo effect: if you think a treatment is doing you good, then you may well perk up a bit anyway.
legal phraseology
This phraseology is open to numerous interpretations, and hopefully the yet-to-be published regulations will provide assistance to employers.
I know that my phraseology and way of putting things is sometimes a bit direct.
Though the phraseology is a bit confusing, the technique is relatively simple.
Hardy's rhetoric allows the critic to overlook the simple wrongness of Tess's act, and mask it in a neutral phraseology more appropriate to suicide or death by natural causes than homicide.