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phrase / фраза, выражение, оборот
имя существительное
expression, term, phrase, phrasing, locution, demonstration
turnover, turn, revolution, rev, turnaround, phrase
express, signify, voice, convey, put, phrase
выражать словами
verbalize, word, utter, phrase
имя существительное
a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit, typically forming a component of a clause.
Moreoever the rest of the lines explain and expand these references by using adjectival phrases and subordinate clauses which tell the reader to look for explanation within the poem itself.
put into a particular form of words.
it's important to phrase the question correctly
It also is an excellent way of testing our students' memories; if they can recite or sing the note names of a phrase in rhythm, we can be sure the music is in their heads and not just in their fingers.
‘to improve standards’ is the key phrase here
After I learned to phrase suggestions as questions, I still received responses that expressed uncritical compliance.
Breathe naturally, lout slowly, silently repeating your focus word or phrase every time you exhale.
Speculation is rife as to how Chen will phrase his words May 20 in a bid to ‘square the circle’ of trying to keep China happy and at the same time not budging on the sovereignty issue.
Though it may have been somewhat culturally insensitive or politically incorrect to use the phrase , the expression won't qualify as a racist slur.
And the connection is a pithy phrase of Deputy Noonan's dating back to the 1987 election campaign.
His efforts in producing the polished phrase , the pithy retort are far greater than his efforts to tell a fascinating story clearly and concisely.
it's important to phrase the question correctly
his favourite phrase is ‘it's a pleasure’