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photoshop / фотошоп
alter (a photographic image) digitally using Photoshop image-editing software.
the pictures have obviously been Photoshopped
So we were talking because I had promised to photoshop some pictures I took at a party in July.
Garth encouraged me to photoshop them so he was a disembodied head to ‘make it more interesting’.
Propose a daft scheme where I photoshop him into a camera-phone shot with her.
Would you rather I post up photos and do not admit that I photoshop them?
But I did put in some efforts to photoshop it, so although I failed miserably, I shall still post it up.
This picture was photoshopped by the guys at Nine and that is actually Mrs Mangle's mouth pasted on my hero's face.
They're the ones who released the photoshopped images that showed only the backgrounds of the photos in hopes that people could identify where they were taken (it worked).
You can buy the ceramic flowers, but the artist (Simone Van Bakel) admits the implantation is only a concept, and the images are photoshopped .
OxBlog's own original research showed that Amy photoshopped the names on to the pictures.
I'm pretty certain that this picture is photoshopped - the hands look a bit funny.