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photometer / фотометр
имя существительное
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring the intensity of light.
Special test patterns are designed for use with instrumentation such as color analyzers, photometers , waveform monitors, and oscilloscopes.
When we measure the luminous intensity of a lamp with a photometer , for example, the lamp current and color temperature are quantities of the measurement equation.
At least 500 cells from plasmolysed and control cells were compared, using the photometer coupled to the Zeiss Axioplan microscope, which converts fluorescence intensity to exposure time for photomicrography.
Ultraviolet photometry is most commonly used method, but it takes as long as 30 seconds to take one measurement.
The p-nitrophenol released is proportional to the ALP activity and can be measured photometrically .
Creatinine concentrations in serum were assayed photometrically with standard test combinations.
The initial comparison with spectral photometry at Tsukuba Aerological Observatory showed that these two types of the measurement were remarkably concordant in general, but there existed some variability and divergence.
Prior to commencing the experiment flicker photometry was used to adjust the energy of the green and blue-green cues to be approximately isoluminant with the grey frames.
Total tropinone reductase activity was measured photometrically by NADPH consumption with tropinone as substrate.
We have performed side-by-side comparative measurements of solar-UV radiation with spore dosimetry and spectral photometry in several campaigns held at four sites in Japan and Europe.
The protein concentrations were measured photometrically , using the extinction coefficients given in Table 1.