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photography / фотография, фотосъемка, фотографирование
имя существительное
photo, photograph, photography, snapshot
имя существительное
the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.
The firm has just branched out into doing canvas prints and fine art photography .
This is photography as an art form as you will never have seen it before.
The photography was stunning as it has been consistently, which makes me glad I do pay my license fee.
Magic awaits in the two upstairs galleries, the magic that makes up the art of photography .
I felt that it might lead me to understand why photography as an art form compels my interest.
an exhibition of Irish photography
Time is aiming it at graphic designers and those working with digital photography .
He enjoyed photography and liked to take still life shots and photographs of the countryside.
At this time the influence of the cinema began to influence both still photography and painting.
The main character's a photographer so there's quite a bit of photography going on in the movie.
That explains why she tried so hard to achieve the effect of painting in photography .