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photocopy / ксерокопия
имя существительное
имя существительное
a photographic copy of printed or written material produced by a process involving the action of light on a specially prepared surface.
The library provided 6,866 photographs and 51,211 photocopies of the material to its readers.
make a photocopy of.
So the Listener could sue you for photocopying this article and trying to sell the copy, but it can't prevent you writing about it in your own words.
No photocopy or pictures of the statement were allowed.
It was a photocopy of a letter written in curvy handwriting on lined paper.
Making application forms anonymous proved difficult and required a photocopy of already copied applications, with a further reduction in legibility of some forms.
you can photocopy the entry form
Once, a patron came in with a photocopy of a newspaper photo that appeared in one of the two main papers when his grandfather was four years old.
The creases in the photo are because this is a colour photocopy of the one original copy which we all clubbed together to buy.
I have recently come across a photocopy of the epitaph written on the grave of my uncle, John Agar.
So after about 2 more hours, I handed in the newspaper with my ad, my photos and my photocopy of ID.
I like to read from a print but a photocopy , scan or photograph is the second best; of course, face to face is best!
I came home after photocopying the exams for the kids next week, and went straight to sleep.