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photochemical / фотохимический
имя прилагательное
photochemical, actinic
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or caused by the chemical action of light.
photochemical smog
This is a problem for museums because photochemical oxidation is not required; the reactions take place in the dark.
The program emphasized photochemical approaches, although thermochemical processes were also evaluated.
One influential school of thought focuses on the effects of oxidation reactions brought about by active oxygen species generated by photochemical reactions involving blue and UV light.
Ever since mechanical and photochemical advances in the 19th century gave rise to the invention of motion picture recording and display, the evolution of the ‘art’ of film has been a consequence of the rate of technological change.
In addition, the carrier molecule may also protect some dyes from chemical, photochemical or radiolytic degradation.
The small rings are made to move around the big ring by bathing them in light of different wavelengths; the light energy fuels the photochemical reaction to break the hydrogen bonds.
Photoproduct levels may reflect the net photochemical effects of light and oxygen within tissue on native photosensitizers.
In addition and parallel to drug photobleaching during PDT, native photosensitizers can be photochemically converted to new species known as ‘photoproducts’.
In the photogravure process, the image is photochemically transferred to an etching plate that has been coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
The light-stimulated uptake of ammonium, for instance, indicates the involvement of the enzyme glutamate synthase, which, in many other photosynthetic systems, is driven by photochemically derived reduced ferredoxin.