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phosphor / фосфор, люминофор
имя существительное
phosphorus, phosphor
phosphor, luminophore
a phosphor screen
This invention relates to coated particles used as phosphor particles for a phosphor screen of a display and a coating method for such particles.
The term " phosphor " obviously is employed as well for the chemical element discovered by a Hamburg alchemist, Hennig Brand, in 1669.
a layer of phosphor is sandwiched between two electrodes
Cerium is also used in the manufacture of lasers and phosphors used in cathode ray tubes.
To obtain good colour pictures on a TV screen, you need phosphors that produce rich, pure primaries.
Fluorescent materials can be synthetic, such as phosphors , or occur in nature, for example, fluorescent minerals.
Compounds of the element are also used to make phosphors that coat the screen of television tubes and CRTs (cathode ray tubes).