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phonograph / фонограф, патефон, граммофон
имя существительное
phonograph, talking machine
gramophone, phonograph
gramophone, phonograph, talking machine
имя существительное
a record player.
Peer was born in Kansas City and helped his father sell sewing machines, phonographs and recordings as a teen.
The station was equipped with a phonograph and two dozen records, as well as plenty of books and games.
Papa Noel grew up in the Congo, listening to Cuban records on his mother's phonograph .
It is night in a tumbledown shack; an old woman in a rocking chair gazes at pictures of herself as a young opera star and, taking a draught of gin, she plays on an old cylinder phonograph the one surviving record of her voice.
The process is much like an old phonograph where the needle is the tip and the grooves in the vinyl record are the atoms.
I would find him listening to Scheherazade on the phonograph or reading Gibbon's ‘Decline and Fall’ for the third time.
The microphone; the sampler, the phonograph , the electric guitar, the DJ, all of have infringed upon the sanctimony of contemporary popular music and came out vindicated.
In fact, when the phonograph became popular, and more recently when electronic synthesizers became popular, musicians were concerned again that live music would be replaced by recordings.
Returning, she bent again and stacked records on a small phonograph , then sat down on the bed next to Bob, who was holding a smoking joint by this time.
And while unconfirmed in the credits, it is clear that the sound was recorded directly onto wax cylinders by an Edison phonograph .
It makes us dream again that in some secluded corner an old phonograph recording is still intact on which the great preacher's voice may be heard!