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phone-in / телефон в
a phone-in contest
Burley confided he was listening to a radio phone-in earlier this week when one caller claimed Hearts would still finish ‘sixth or seventh’.
It is a time for people to be strong about things and ignore what people are writing or saying on phone-ins or hotlines.
I bow to his superior wisdom there; I don't listen to dull radio phone-ins .
As the controversy spread from the broadsheets to the tabloids, to the daytime talkshows and the radio phone-ins , parental anxieties intensified.
At a stroke the news bulletins and phone-ins charged off dutifully in the direction of the hunting debate.
Within their usual format of banter, competitions and phone-ins , they talk about the role and responsibilities of York Council, to introduce new voters to what local government does for them and other citizens.
Sarandon, a long-time political activist, said the way in which she and her family had been targeted by newspapers, radio phone-ins , teachers and people on the street because of her views was ‘horrifying’.
But he is prepared to take the risk in order to play reggae music and host phone-ins that, as he sees it, are ‘empowering’ south London's black community with a message of racial pride.
But I'm sure that those poor souls who are charged with thinking up topics for BBC radio phone-ins and discussion programmes will be lapping this one up.