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phlebotomy / кровопускание, флеботомия
имя существительное
bloodletting, bleeding, phlebotomy, venesection, depletion
имя существительное
the surgical opening or puncture of a vein in order to withdraw blood or introduce a fluid, or (historically) as part of the procedure of letting blood.
Blood was collected by phlebotomy from the antecubital vein.
The performance of phlebotomy by nursing staff benefits the patient in that the blood specimen is collected and intravenous fluids are started at the same time, thus causing less trauma to the patient.
Experimental reductions in cardiac index and hepatic blood flow induced by phlebotomy are rapidly corrected by albumin resuscitation, whereas crystalloids require double the volume.
The student should be aware of one cause of pseudohyperkalemia, hemolysis, since it is not an uncommon occurrence when tourniquets are used during phlebotomy or when improper handing of a blood sample causes a breakdown of the cells.
Patients may also undergo phlebotomy at a blood center.
Blood was collected by phlebotomy from the antecubital vein.
Lab assistants in many labs today are liaisons to the point of care phlebotomists , usually acting as experts in phlebotomy in health care institutions.
Arabic physicians phlebotomized the distal portion of the greater saphenous vein (GSV) at the ankle.
The pole represents the stick patients would grab while being phlebotomized ; the white stripes represent the bandages and the red stripes, the blood.
Phlebotomy is the most common invasive procedure performed on inpatients, and using phlebotomists for case finding adds very little additional work.
The needle was withdrawn and the specimen laid on the phlebotomy tray while the phlebotomist applied pressure to the puncture site for five minutes.