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phiz / физиономия, физия, лицо
имя существительное
face, physiognomy, phiz, dial
physiognomy, phiz, clock
face, person, countenance, image, visage, phiz
имя существительное
a person's face or expression.
I am forced to leave the magazine face downwards where her mighty fizzog can be safely forgotten for a few precious moments of sanctuary.
A narcissist of that magnitude could not resist parading his phiz on television.
Just as sure as women don't know the pain of removing excess hair and never get any hair growing on their faces, my singledom can only be due to the fact that I either do or don't have a furry phiz .
It was not an unexpected development for a mother and father who own approximately 10,000 Disney-related items and who have decorated one side of their house with a colorful representation of Mickey Mouse's full-frontal phiz .
During the heyday of modern American liberalism, the 1930s, when Big Brother supposedly wore his friendliest phiz , Day and the Catholic Workers said No.
After all, it is a showcase for Jim Carrey, the dude with the malleable body and mug who can make you guffaw just by jiggling around and rearranging his phiz .
it was enough to paste his phiz on the cover of Time magazine
Or the wealthy, aging, American who desperately awaits the call to say that, thanks to a tragic accident in which a beautiful young women died, she can now check into the clinic to receive the phizog of her dreams.
He had sheet creases across the fizzog and a red chin and noggin.
Alas, the years haven't been kind to Swayze's once-famous phizog .
When he re-surfaced, Steve-O's screaming pink phizog wasn't clever make-up.