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philharmonic / филармонический, музыкальный, любящий музыку
имя прилагательное
musical, melodious, philharmonic
любящий музыку
имя существительное
philharmonic, philharmonic society
имя прилагательное
devoted to music (chiefly used in the names of orchestras).
the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
She played second violin in a philharmonic orchestra that happened to be visiting my town.
He was recently invited to perform with the youth philharmonic orchestra, but declined in order to continue touring with the family.
Under general director Sami Caner, the parent center also sponsors a chamber orchestra and a full-scale philharmonic orchestra.
Central to all this choral music were the philharmonic societies that sprang up in most major cities around Europe.
Venezuelan Victor Hugo won a competition at the tender age of 12 to perform in a philharmonic choir.
The introductory song was a philharmonic piece, featuring a full orchestra together with choral accompaniment.
Three weeks ago, I was playing with the philharmonic orchestra in Rotterdam!
First, a musical overture with a philharmonic orchestra numbering around 60 musicians, and then 36 dancers, les Rexgirls, came on stage.
I played with the New York philharmonic orchestra.
The incredible score and music that adds so much atmosphere was provided by Michael Giacchino and the LA philharmonic orchestra.