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phial / фиал, пузырек, склянка
имя существительное
bubble, vial, vesicle, phial, bead, bulb
bottle, flask, vial, phial, glass, bell
a phial of blood
The phial contained a second sample of urine from the horse which would have enabled dope testers to determine whether Ireland retained its only gold medal of the games.
Today, even if the original forensic sample is no longer viable for DNA analysis, the glass phial it's been in for decades may offer up enough material.
He reaches into his travel bag and pulls out several phials of brightly coloured pills and powders.
We have produced a great deal of smallpox vaccine and are in the process of purchasing over two million phials of vaccine.
There was an assortment of pill bottles, boxes of syringes, phials of various medicines, and many boxes of gloves.