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phenomenon / явление, феномен, необыкновенное явление
имя существительное
phenomenon, appearance, fact, scene
phenomenon, appearance
необыкновенное явление
имя существительное
a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.
glaciers are unique and interesting natural phenomena
the object of a person's perception; what the senses or the mind notice.
No empirical phenomena seem to demand a notion of backward causation for our understanding of them.
A definition of terrorism does exist, and the phenomenon also amounts to a customary international law crime.
Perhaps the remarkable phenomenon is that anything like the old nationalism echoed at all.
What was expected to be a success at best has become a pop cultural phenomenon for people of all ages and backgrounds.
You may also recall a while back my talking about the hilarity provided by the Pop Idol phenomenon .
Recent centuries have produced explanation after explanation for the phenomenon labelled God.
Heavy metal, as opposed to hard rock, was a quintessentially British phenomenon .
You see, the collapse of respect for politics is a remarkably recent phenomenon .
The basic objective of the study was to focus on clothing and to project fashion as a social phenomenon .
As he nears the end of his remarkable career, Warne is a phenomenon waiting to be cast in gold for posterity.
He said the fog reported by the farmers was a natural phenomenon and not connected with the power plant.