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pheasant / фазан
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large long-tailed game bird native to Asia, the male of which typically has very showy plumage.
I watched lapwings competing for nest sites on the damp fields where I also saw pheasants , grey partridges, teal and mallards.
He claims that pheasant and partridge are neither wild nor natural and are not an alternative to factory farmed meat.
pheasant shooting
The pheasant is a beautiful bird and though not native still has adapted very well to living in the Irish countryside.
I'm a country boy so it was inevitable really that I would start shooting partridge and pheasant .
Burnett says young pheasants are especially vulnerable to buzzard attacks.
For close-flushing game like pheasants or quail, you simply took your time when the bird got up.
Three young hen pheasants on the roadway make me brake suddenly and almost come to a full stop.
You wonder how those ring-necked pheasants got from China all the way to South Dakota.
A game shooting organisation has condemned an intensive method of rearing pheasants so that country estates can charge visitors high prices to shoot the birds for sport.
Mr Richardson raised more than 33,000 pheasants and organised shoot days during his employment before he was made redundant in 1990.