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phase / фаза, этап, стадия
имя существительное
phase, stage, leg, gradation
stage, phase, milestone, leg, lap
stage, phase, stadium, remove
имя существительное
a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something's development.
the final phases of the war
a genetic or seasonal variety of an animal's coloration.
a distinct and homogeneous form of matter (i.e., a particular solid, liquid, or gas) separated by its surface from other forms.
Intermolecular interactions are most significant in liquid and solid phases where molecules are very close together.
the relationship in time between the successive states or cycles of an oscillating or repeating system (such as an alternating electric current or a light or sound wave) and either a fixed reference point or the states or cycles of another system with which it may or may not be in synchrony.
Because we desire to store digital information, our system should have differing phases corresponding to the differing values of the information.
carry out (something) in gradual stages.
the work is being phased over a number of years
adjust the phase of (something), especially so as to synchronize it with something else.
In order to properly phase the two telescopes, adaptive optics on both telescopes removed the distortion caused by the Earth's atmosphere.
The interaction strength and the relative phase of the electric field in neighboring particles both depend on polarization and frequency.
I have caught many large fish during the full or new moon phase and while the catch rate is not as good as on other nights, trout still take my offering.
most of your fans are going through a phase
Perhaps Jason is right that it is just children going through a phase which will soon stop but somehow I doubt it; it has been going on for years.
phase two of the development is in progress
As the peace process enters its final phase I think we can be hopeful about its outcome.
So when you told us that day that you no longer wanted to be a lawyer, we thought you were going through a phase .
Both phy and cry photoreceptors are presumably involved in setting the phase under white light: dark cycles.
Adolescence is the exciting phase of transition when human beings start developing the cognitive ability to form abstract thoughts.
He's going through a phase where he doesn't like to be the center of attention (at least outside of the house).