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pharmacist / фармацевт, провизор
имя существительное
pharmacist, dispenser, druggist, pharmaceutist, apothecary
имя существительное
a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs.
We examined data on all NHS methadone prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacists in England.
Anyone who wishes to identify an unknown drug can check the code on the pill and ask a pharmacist .
Call your pharmacist or doctor if you do not know if the medicine has aspirin in it.
Your pharmacist can advise you on simple medicines and/or gripe water that will help prevent colic.
Talk to a pharmacist regarding the drug's potential risk at least, if not your doctor.
Ask your pharmacist for advice and always follow the instructions about dosage.
In brief, the general practitioner writes a prescription which the patient takes to the pharmacist .
Ask your pharmacist for an over-the-counter insecticide lotion or crème rinse.
Taking antihistamine tablets may also help reduce itching - ask your pharmacist for advice.
Follow instructions on the packaging or check the dosage with your pharmacist .
If you notice that the eczema gets worse, it is important that you talk to your pharmacist or doctor to discuss alternatives.