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pharaoh / фараон
имя существительное
Pharaoh, faro, cop
имя существительное
a ruler in ancient Egypt.
According to most beliefs, pyramids were built with the help of great armies of slaves, by the ancient pharaohs of Egypt as tombs for preserving their royal bodies.
They say the pharaoh Khufu who built the Great Pyramid was so obsessed by the construction of his own tomb, he had no money to build tombs for others in his family.
They claim a tattered and neglected mummy found in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings is probably Queen Nefertiti, stepmother of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun.
In 1923, the world was fascinated with news of the discovery of the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen.
The pharaoh was a sacrosanct monarch who served as the intermediary between the gods and man.
Cleopatra was the last pharaoh ; after her death Egypt became a Roman province.
Khufu was the first pharaoh to build a pyramid at Giza.
Another high economic growth period was certainly the time after a pharaoh had died in ancient Egypt and the economy was put under the command to erect a new pyramid.
The house features a stone replica of a sphinx at the front door and a statue of the pharaoh Tuthmosis III brought from Luxor in Egypt in the entrance hall.
Ancient Egyptians left behind a rich artistic heritage in the form of pyramids, pharaonic painting and sculpture, hieroglyphics, and architecture.
Pyramids are tombs built for Egypt's pharaohs .