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phantom / фантом, призрак, иллюзия
имя существительное
phantom, phantasm, fantom, eidolon, fantasm
ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, wraith, spook
illusion, delusion, fantasy, hallucination, phantasm, phantom
имя прилагательное
illusory, ghostly, illusive, phantom, shadowy, spectral
illusory, illusive, insubstantial, delusive, phantom, elusory
имя существительное
a ghost.
a phantom who haunts lonely roads
Lanser Hall was one of the oldest dorms and laboratories on campus and hadn't been used due to the rumor of a phantom that haunted them.
I said in my previous letter that I felt that somewhere, in the deep recesses of his mind, there may be the merest phantom of a thought that I might be right.
This problem of built-in gains is related to another phenomenon: phantom year-end income.
The young man in question slowly emerged form the pitch-black shadows of the closet as eerily as a phantom .
But there's an easier way to avoid phantom interest that will also provide you with some financial security.
His face is distorted, making him look like a phantom haunting a ruin.
She was haunting him, like a phantom in the night.
Cigarette smoked choked the fresh, crisp night air like a phantom descending upon its haunt.
a phantom who haunts lonely roads
Gerry and Cynthia Bridgwood are being spooked by a phantom benefactor - who spirits gifts of bric-a-brac into their Cheshire country pub.