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phantasy / фантазия, иллюзия, воображение
имя существительное
fantasy, imagination, fancy, phantasy, fantasia, idea
illusion, delusion, fantasy, hallucination, phantasm, phantasy
imagination, fancy, fantasy, phantasy, idea, make-believe
игра воображения
fantasy, phantasy
fiction, fantasy, figment, myth, concoction, phantasy
представлять себе
imagine, fancy, envision, think, conceive, phantasy
improvise, jam, extemporize, hit off, mock up, phantasy
Memory of his last days before the war gets slowly mixed with delusions and phantasy .
A like evil corrupts the intentions of protest against the war where the protester is aroused by phantasies of acts he has never committed or seen.
The mother's sorrow, I suggest, is partly a denial of her own destructive phantasies towards her child, a repudiation dictated by the superego which, however, does not lead to repression.
In Phèdre voice becomes the place where nocturnal phantasies commingling sexuality, death, and violence are embodied in verbal images.
The nightmare is the infantile terror of being totally unconnected with the parent, and at the mercy of the external world and one's internal phantasies .