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phallic / фаллический
имя прилагательное
phallic, priapic
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or resembling a phallus or erect penis.
a phallic symbol
The last piece is Louise Bourgeois' Fillette, a phallic object combining male and female elements.
Weapons carried by the gang are shaped into huge phallic symbols, demonstrating a sense of vigorous male power or animal instinct, manifested in behaviour like the marking of territory.
When looking at the body of psychoanalytic literature dealing with perversions it becomes evident that today there is clearly fading support of the theory of phallic primacy.
If depression is warded off in phallic omnipotence and evacuated into the feminine part of the personality, we can formulate a psychoanalytic interpretation of Kreon's behaviour.
We talk about sexual openness and sexual ambiguity, yet the current psychological ideal of phallic masculinity is as rigid and coercive as it ever was.
Equally, the power of corporate towers is manifest in up-looking, phallic worship, and in the motherly (that is, custodial) surveillance of the world below.
Freudian theory would suggest that the corporate cultures of these organizations often institutionalize various combinations of oral, phallic and genital sexuality.
Shiva is also the god of fertility and is mostly worshipped in the phallic symbol called Linga.
If the sports car is considered some sort of phallic substitute or symbol, then the quad bike is equally emblematic.
Much of the tragedy of the story can be traced to the unhappy childhood of Luke and Leia; with their mother dead, Luke has no focus for his sexual desires during the phallic stage of his development.