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pewter / оловянная посуда, сплав на оловянной основе, сплав олова со свинцом
имя существительное
оловянная посуда
pewter, tin, tinware
сплав на оловянной основе
сплав олова со свинцом
имя существительное
a gray alloy of tin with copper and antimony (formerly, tin and lead).
The reproduction industry did not focus attention on wrought iron as it did on pewter , brass and copper.
The redhead looked around, the slowly rising moon casting him all silver and pewter and bronze.
Their enterprise really began to grow after they switched from silver to pewter , an alloy of lead and tin.
Both the pewter and Sheffield Plate collections benefited from large bequests particularly that of Colonel Croft Lyons.
Snow swirled around them in little eddies, and the sky was the flat dark grey of pewter .
a pewter sky
looking back at that pewter sky
Modern pewter is mostly tarnish-resistant alloys of about 90% tin with antimony or copper.
It is sapphire against the pale silver wash of the sky and pewter against the amber of the towering hills that he adds in next.
the kitchen pewter
The traditional alloy of pewter most widely used into the 17th Century consisted of tin and copper with small amounts of other elements.