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pew / стул, церковная скамья со спинкой, кафедра
имя существительное
chair, stool, pew
церковная скамья со спинкой
chair, pulpit, cathedra, lectern, rostrum, pew
имя существительное
a long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation.
The congregation replaced stationary pews with ‘Danish modern’ wooden chairs that could be positioned in any arrangement.
Soon after being seated, down the main aisle to his pew walked Mark Twain, 24 with his big head of bushy hair.
The director was to sit in an enclosed pew at the rear of the church.
He chose a pew near the altar and said the Lord's Prayer over and over again until he stopped shaking.
There was only a handful of people in the congregation, sitting on pews toward the front of the nave.
Some traditional churches have no pews and there is never an organ because of the Orthodox belief that only the human voice is permitted in the worship of God.
There was nothing unusual about groups of elegantly clad gentleman scuffling unceremoniously in order to place themselves at the head of a procession or to bag the best pews for a church service.
It is a cold, gray church with hard wooden pews , a miserable place and after briefly walking through it Sonia wants to leave.
Just like every other church, they have pews , pulpits and rooms.
They spent six months restoring the pulpit, wall panelling, lecterns, pews , tables and wall plaques to their former glory.
She sat in the church pews waiting for the service to begin.