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petty / мелкий, мелочный, небольшой
имя прилагательное
small, shallow, fine, petty, potty, minute
petty, niggling, trifling, peddling, little, meticulous
small, little, low, moderate, narrow, petty
имя прилагательное
of little importance; trivial.
the petty divisions of party politics
of secondary or lesser importance, rank, or scale; minor.
a petty official
I don't know what is more extraordinary: the inability of the Labour Party to close down this story or the lengths to which petty party officials will go to undermine their own leader.
In the past we have had some petty vandalism but nothing on this scale.
When I wasn't talking to Reger, I was dealing hundreds of small petty matters concerning the ceremony.
I was also tempted to go out to my car and get my gloves but felt that the gloves were a minor and petty concern when there was a missing cat.
No matter how childish, no matter how petty or wrong she'd been I was always on her side.
Now, I can't even tempt a minor secretarial official with a petty bribe.
If you disagree with Berlind's points then by all means criticise, but low blows at his use of language are petty and unnecessary.
But Chaudhuri insisted that neither his views, nor any one else's, would have caused Nehru to wreak a petty act of revenge.
The world of the film swings between petty , spiteful, foolish and resigned.
He listened to all her problems, no matter how petty and insignificant, and offered solutions, never once laughing.